If Jesus has changed your life, share your story!

We want to hear your story! How have you seen Jesus as work in your life, in your family, in your community, in your church? We want to celebrate with you!! Check below for details on how you can share your story with us!

Share Your Story

What kind of stories are you looking for?

We want to hear your stories about how you’ve experienced God in your life, in your family, in your church, etc… You do not have to share your entire testimony, just a quick example of how/where you’ve seen God at work. Your story in your own words!

What format should my story be in?

We are looking for both video and written stories! If you would like to submit your story by video, here are a couple of guidelines that will help us out a lot!

– Record your story in landscape (horizontal) instead of portrait (vertical).
– Try to keep stories to the point, just a few minutes is great!
– Cell phone recordings are perfectly acceptable.

How do I submit my story?

To submit your story by video, here are a few options!

– If your story is short enough, email it to
– Upload your story to Google Drive and share it to the same address.
– Upload your story to Dropbox and email us the link.
– Upload your video to YouTube and email us the link.
– You can also use the “Submit Your Story” form below to send links.

To submit your story in writing, just choose one of these options.

– Email your story to (please include your name and “story” in the subject)
– Use the contact form below and your story will be submitted straight to us

What will my story be used for?

We want to inspire our church by sharing stories of what God is doing in the lives of those who attend. This could include sharing stories during a Sunday morning service, through social media, etc…

If you would prefer that your story not be shared publicly, or would like to share it but remain anonymous, please let us know when you submit it.

I'm having trouble sending my story.

If you are having any trouble submitting your story, video or written, please email us at (or use the form below) and we will do our best to help you resolve any issues.

Send Your Story

You can submit your story in writing using the form below. You can also use this form to reach out for help in how to submit your story! We can't wait to hear what God is doing in your life!

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